Monday, January 26, 2009

Web Designing and Software Development

Net Soft Solutions is one of the leading Internet and Multimedia solutions providers in India . We have been operating in the software industry for nearly ten years, which makes us one of the oldest and most experienced companies in this business domain. Our Team, based out of our state-of-the-art development centers, possesses extensive intellectual capital across the entire Internet services spectrum viz. Web Designing, Web Development, E-commerce Solutions, Content Management Systems, Online Branding Solutions, Web Hosting Services, SMS and Bulk SMS solutions, Domain Registration, Internet Marketing and Multimedia Solutions. 

Since inception our Company’s undivided focus has been on the following Six Areas of Excellence –

  • Internet-enabled value delivery to Clients through clear and measurable impacts on costs, revenues, efficiencies, customer acquisition and retention. 

  • Converting one-time Client engagements into long lasting Accounts and partnering customers through the Internet economy curve. 

  • Offering robust infrastructure and support to Customers in the form of world-class Web Hosting, customer help-lines and seamless pre and post project delivery communication. 

  • Introducing quality consciousness at every step of the Web Development value chain, thus working towards Client satisfaction and earning the ‘Preferred’ service provider status. 

  • Creating a culture of talent-retention by empowering and rewarding key performers to ensure negligible attrition rates and create a knowledge legacy for future growth. 

  • Making regular investments into Research & Development to create and maintain market leader position in the Web and Multimedia space.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Craft House India

Craft House is an Indian Brand showcasing the finest crafts and lifestyle goods from all over India. Your trust and confidence in Craft House is of utmost importance to us. We ensure that you receive the best quality, exclusive design and Value for Money. Our range of products is in tune with the international trends. Do visit our website for more details, and also to select and buy products of your choice.

Passion of Pashmina - Pashmina comes from the word "pashm" meaning "warmth". We procure the finest quality pashmina yarn making sure that it is not blended with inferior quality yarn. Authentic pashmina is hand-woven and is aptly termed "Soft Gold". The pashmina also differs in quality - depending on the elevation and the goat from which it comes, it is woven into Shahmina, Pashmina and Silk Pashmina. Shahmina the top most quality is made from the first and finest hair of the mountain baby goat. Pashmina yarn is obtained from the undercoat fur of the mountain goat, famous for its feel and softness. Silk Pashmina is the finest blend of Pure Pashmina and Natural Silk, has a luxurious softness and sheen. .Craft House presents Pashmina through a range of intricate weaves, colors, embroideries and crystal embellishments.

Romance of Tea - Picking tea in Craft House is like plucking tea from the tea garden. The tea is so fresh and pure that you will enjoy it till the last drop in the cup. Our tea is selected from the best tea gardens of Darjeeling and Assam fetching the maximum price at the tea auction. We stock the finest collection of Indian Teas available in more than 25 varieties of superior pure whole - leaf as well as blended assortments. The collection also includes 100% organic tea, certified for no chemicals during plantation and processing.

Ecstasy of Spa - Based on 'Ayurveda' - Knowledge of Life for healthy living, our products are all natural with no added fragrance. Explore the aromatic possibilities by indulging in our exotic spa collection. The spa products are formulated from pure essential oils - life energy of plants which are highly effective for healing and relaxing mind and body. Essential oils can alleviate pain, act as antidepressants, antibiotics, lower blood pressure, detoxify, and elevate one's mood.

Dazzle of Jewellery - Craft House offers a fine selection of amazing, eye-catching 18kt Gold Diamond and Silver jewellery in precious and semi-precious stones. Enchanting, sleek and fashionable they are available in a wide range of designs ranging from ethnic to modern.

Splendour of Silk - Celebrate the richness of colours through the fabric of dreams, woven together in contemporary jaqurads and intricate motifs. In order to preserve and maintain our age old tradition of silk weaving we have the finest collection Keem Khwab (the finest and best silk in India) used for making wraps, scarf and bags. Genuine Silk woven in Reshami(Silk) katan Tanchui four colour thread, Pure Silk Golden Border and Reshami Dohra Katan two colour thread are some of the other popular varieties. The silk collection is extensive and includes variety in silk accessories, bags and neckties.

Style of Living - Craft House stocks unique lifestyle products created with finesse to enhance your lifestyle. This includes Rajasthani Home Decor Range, Japanese crafts, Silk accessories and Artifacts.